Day 5: Thursday, July 20, 2017
Senonches to Mont St Michel
216 km, 2350 m of climbing

route day 5

A nice day in rolling hills, heading west towards the Channel. It is nice because the day ends with a 50 km downhill, not just straight down but little rollers with a general downward trend. These 50 km should be a blast to ride by velomobile.

day 5

First, however, we go through a lot of farmland and forests, climbing and decending with a terrain varied enough to be using most of the gears. Leaving Sées, about 75 km into the ride (you may want to put in a stop there) the track climbs from 185 m to 400 m over a 20 km distance, of course with some ups and downs as we go along. Then there are larger rollers for some 60 km with a general trend down until we rerach Barenton (good for a break on a two-stop-strategy), just climb up again to gain some 150 m of elevation in time for the final long downhill, which begins roughly at 168 km.

A great day ending by the sea. If you start early there should still be plenty of time for a visit to the island. The pier can be used by bicycles as far as I know (we will verify before the start). After several lakes, day 5 has your first chance for salt water swimming on this tour.

Accommodation: reservation confirmed and paid

Camping du Mont St Michel
Route du Mont Saint-Michel, 50170 Le Mont Saint-Michel

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