Day 3: Tuesday, July 18, 2017
Mesnil Saint Père to Briare (Loire)
177 km, 2060 m of climbing

As we head west we will have to cross three hilly regions separating river valleys – they show up nicely in the elevation graph below.  The first 25 km will be a warm-up of fairly flat riding, before we hit a number of rollers. Once across the tour reaches the valley of the Armacon river where we also cross the Canal du Bourgogne. More hills will follow until we drop down again to the narrow valley of the Serain river. Out again and back into the hills for more rollers before coasting down again, this time into Auxerre on the banks of the Sonne river.

day 3

Auxerre also is the recommend place for lunch, 95 km into the ride.

Beyond Auxerre we heading back into the hills gaining some 200 m of elevation by typically going up 30 m and down 20 m and so on. Not hard to do but the terrain will keep us working. 125 km into the ride the tracks reaches a straight road which continues for quite a while with very few bends and a general downhill trend as we leave the hills and approach the Loire river valley along a small river to the east. The day ends in the scenic Loire valley with its pretty villages, castles and parks, to be explored firther the next day.

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Camping Le Martinet
Val du Martinet, 45250 Briare Le Canal

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