Day 20: Friday, August 4, 2017
Gray to Nancy
180 km, 2005 m of climbing

route day 20

One more day of climbing as we enter into Lorraine. This is a roller coaster day with plenty of shorter but steep climbs to be taken in low gears - too long to be taken at speed in most cases.

elev day 20

I have optimized the route to take out some climbing which isn't actually necessary to get us from Gray to Nancy. Which means that we do not pass through Vittel as I had originally planned. Saves a few hundred meters of climbing and some distance.

Most of the towns we pass during the day will be villages, many of them rather small with likely few offerings for lunch. Refreshments should not be a problem though. I suggest to ride on beyond the highest point of today's route at around 106 km, enjoy the downhill which follows (there's a bit of climbing in between) and take the longer rest stop at Mirecourt at around 126 km. There should be offerings there as it is larger than anything we have passes through before. (Mirecourt also happens to be the twin city of Beuel, a part of my home town Bonn, so I have another reason to stop there)

There is some more climbing to do as we head on towards Nancy with a number of shorter steep climbs, topped by a final nasty climb of nearly 200 m over a few km just outside of the surburbs of Nancy.

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